Areproductive: A New Term For Women Who Don’t Want Children


Writer Ruby Warrington has recently published her book, “Women Without Kids: The Revolutionary Rise of an Unsung Sisterhood.” She has come up with a new term, “Areproductive,” for women who don’t want to have children.

Earlier, child-free came up as a more evolved term in place of childless. Everyone found the term quite empowering and almost elevated to celebrity status. The word brought freedom for women who have made a definite choice in their lives. And the choice is to lead a life without raising kids.

In her book, Ruby Warrington also highlights how female orgasm has been ignored for the longest time. Having sex for women is still not considered something related to pleasure.

Giving birth to a baby is its main objective, and if a woman has an orgasm, it is always an added bonus. Ruby says that people perceive women’s orgasm as “‘surplus to reproduction” as that’s not important for making babies.

“‘The female orgasm had definitely not been part of the curriculum,’ she adds.

Before “Women Without Kids” happened, Ruby Warrington had come up with a term called “sober curious” in her 2018 book of the same name.

The 47-year-old author now explores how the sexuality of women and their reproductive choices are always seen in a light different from men. It’s not about an individual but a “collective psyche.” The traditions and beliefs ingrained in our subconscious have deeply impacted our notions of women’s sexuality, motherhood, and reproduction.

It will not be an exaggeration to mention that the biggest purpose of a woman’s life has been becoming a mother for the longest time. And our sexual education also gives a very stereotypical idea about the sexuality of men and women.

Talking about that, Ruby Warrington says that she only got to learn “boys ejaculate; girls menstruate” when she was in the UK.

So, masturbation and pleasure have always been associated with the sexuality of boys, and they get to learn about these from a very early stage. However, young girls are taught about menstruation and how they can prevent pregnancy.

You probably can’t agree more when Ruby says that the clitoris and the pleasure of women are never discussed or prioritized when it’s about women having sex. Now, with the new coinage from Warrington, we can only hope that women who choose to remain child-free are not seen as “strange.”

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