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Women Magazine provides you with the opportunity to write for us. Women Magazine is a curated lifestyle blog that covers all things women – from beauty and style to wellness and self-care, we have got you covered.  If you love writing and have expertise in any of the niches we cover on our blog, feel free to write for us – it’s a great method of attracting new readers and providing guidance to others who need it.

Join us on our ambitious journey to portray women living their best lives – a creative approach to all things women. And that’s not all! We can help you out in case you do not have the content but just the knowledge a zeal to do something sustainable.

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What Do We Look For In Guest Posts?   

You can Write For Us on niches and topics that are related to the following categories,

  1. Beauty and Selfcare.
  2. Fashion and Couture.
  3. Health and Wellness.
  4. Personalities.

Please Note:

  • Ensure that your articles do not have Guest Posts or Sponsored labels – your content has to look 100% natural with permanent DO-FOLLOW links.
  • Women Magazine will not accept any link related to gambling, adult, and drug-related websites.

Guidelines For Guest Posting:  

  • We prioritize well-researched and human-generated content to be published on the website. We do not accept AI-Generated content.  
  • We want the article tailored to our audience and aligned with our website’s persona.  
  • The articles you send must have a minimum of 1000 words. There is no limit to the maximum word count!  
  • Use smaller paragraphs; usually, a paragraph must not exceed four sentences.  
  • A single sentence must not have more than 20 words.  
  • paragraph ideally should not have more than 50 words.  
  • An article must have multiple H2s and H3s. You can also include H4’s if needed.  
  • You should not place more than 300 words under a single heading or sub-heading.  
  • Keywords need to be evenly distributed.  
  • Keyword density must be between 0.5%-2.5%.  
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.  
  • Ensure that there is no fluff writing.  
  • Add a meta description for every article. It should be no more than 140 characters (including spaces and special characters).  
  • Add relevant links. A minimum of 1 internal link and 1 Outbound link from an authority website is mandatory.  
  • The content must be free of any form of grammatical error and should be written in American English 
  • The content needs to be free from Plagiarism and should pass the COPYSCAPE check. 

The Benefits Of Guest Posting:  

The primary advantage of Guest Posting is to obtain a DO-FOLLOW link from a quality website. Guest Posting will increase your digital visibility and help you rank higher on different search engine result pages. The biggest advantage of Guest Posting is boosting your SEO efforts.

Simply put, the benefits of Guest Posting are as follows,

  1. To establish authority.
  2. To obtain more link juice.
  3. To enjoy the benefits of social networking.
  4. To understand the importance of high-authority backlinks.

Advanced Search Queries to Find Guest Posting Sites  

The following are search queries you can use for finding guest posting sites.

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  • Women Magazine + “write for us” + guest post
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Frequently Asked Questions:   

1. Does Women Magazine edit guest blogs?

Yes, Women Magazine will edit your articles in case you have provided any inaccurate information.

2. Will Women Magazine do the On-page SEO?   

Women Magazine will make minor on-page SEO changes to your articles. However, we expect you to optimize your article thoroughly so that your article can rank on SERPs quickly.

3. What will be the maximum word count for the article?

As we just mentioned, we don’t accept articles that have less than 500 words – keep your articles between 500 to 1000 words. However, we do accept longer articles as long as it’s relevant, original, and follow an SEO-friendly format.