USA Women Crossing The Border And Visiting Mexico For Abortions

USA Women Crossing The Border And Visiting Mexico For Abortions

It has been a year since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against Roe v. Wade. Today, abortion activists in the country see more USA women crossing the border and seeking help from Mexico for abortion. It is a clear outcome of how the two countries have changed their stance on abortions in the recent past. 

In Mexico, abortion has been a criminal procedure for decades. However, the Mexico Supreme Court decriminalized abortion on 6th September 2023. The court has revoked the previous “federal penal code” that labeled abortion as a criminal act and called it “unconstitutional.” 

So, women in Mexico can now seek help from all the federal health institutions in the country. 

But over 20 states in the USA have now banned or restricted abortion once the pregnancy reaches before or after 18 months. Among these twenty states, fourteen states have now wholly prohibited abortion. 

The activists of Mexico have been vigilant about the USA Supreme Court’s move regarding the new stance on the Roe v. Wade ruling. Anticipations were high regarding the overruling and constant assessments of the situations that were going on.

When the overruling finally happened, Mexican activists started extending help to the women in America. 

It’s great to know how the Mexican activists have developed an underground system. This underground system works to provide women with the necessary pills. The system also supports women to cross the border and seek help from Mexico for abortion. 

The system is equipped to deal with the huge rise in demand regarding the supply of pills and abortion care. It has already helped women in Latin America who have been facing the long-standing ruling against abortion.

Verónica Cruz, the founder of a 20-year-old reproductive rights organization, Las Libres, says there was no plan to send help to USA women. However, the restrictions and increasing demand for pills in the USA left no way out. Building an “international solidarity” was essential to reach out to USA women with proper abortion care. 

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