Jamie Lee Curtis Sets An Example By Supporting Her Trans Daughter Ruby Guest
Jamie Lee Curtis Sets An Example By Supporting Her Trans Daughter Ruby Guest

Jamie Lee Curtis Sets An Example By Supporting Her Trans Daughter Ruby Guest

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Jamie Lee Curtis stands by her trans daughter, Ruby Guest, and fights for her rights and respect. The “Halloween” actress joining the list of famous parents offering unconditional love for their trans children indeed sets an example.

People from the LGBTQ+ community are already at the receiving end of all the backlashes society throws. Only love and support from the family can act as the balm on the wound. And it’s excellent that YouTuber and video editor Ruby Guest has found that in the arms of her celebrated mother, who uses her platform to the fullest.

Jamie stuck up for her trans daughter and, on a broader aspect, for the rights of trans people. The actress believes that children need their parents for love. Further, she said her fight is to establish her daughter’s “right to exist to anyone who claims that she doesn’t.”

She also explained how it is important to “learn and listen” to stand up for a trans child and the people from the LGBTQ+ community. As a parent, she is still in the learning process and has no qualms in admitting that she does not “know everything.”

In addition, she shared how it was important for her to be familiar with the crucial life lessons as the current conditions in the US do not make the nation a happy place to be for trans people. Talking about the current situation in the US, she called it an “awful political rhetoric.”

The States have been in the news for how it is constantly keeping adults and children not conforming to binary gender identity under threats. It’s unfortunate how lawmakers are limiting and denying adequate “gender-affirming healthcare.” Even these people are restricted from using bathroom facilities according to the gender they identify with.

And to top these, you will learn about violence happening with this community every other day.And when a mother who is famous and celebrated holds her child’s hand in these situations, it feels very empowering and comes as a welcome relief.

The words coming from the veteran actress make us believe that we need more people like her to make the world a better place to live. She said a “mother’s love knows no judgement,” and she will stand by her children.

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