Unleashing The Power Of Positivity: The Inspirational Journey Of Emma Hernan

Emma Hernan

As Selling Sunset set the Netflix library ablaze, Emma Herman becomes a name synonymous with women’s power.

While dealing with multimillion-dollar real estate properties and managing the tension at the workplace, Emma infused drama into the reality show. And big time!

She has become the face of the show, especially in seasons four and five. The proof is how people have started calling her the “Emma Selling Sunset.” And do you know what’s even better? She made a gala comeback in season 6 of the show.

But Emma Herman is much beyond Selling Sunset. She is a multi-millionaire, making it big in Los Angeles, where she moved from Boston. Her zeal and tremendous market knowledge have placed her in a powerful position.

Further, along with building her entrepreneurial world brick by brick, she has discovered and excelled in the art of positivity. This has become possible as she has learned to strike a balance in her life and take setbacks in stride.

Here’s a big shout-out to the star as I take you through her entrepreneurial journey and how she has grown over the years.

Emma Hernan: A Food CEO, A Realtor, And Many Other Things

Look for “Emma Hernan Boston” on the internet, and you will be like, what the hell! What the woman really is? Is she a realtor? Is she a Food CEO? Is she a reality TV star? What if I tell you she is all these and a little more?

Hilary Clinton once said, “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” Emma Herman shows that she is indeed full of talent, but she refuses to get it untapped.

Emma Hernan: A Food CEO

Emma Leigh Empanadas

As a woman, eager to optimize her potential, she started her entrepreneurial journey pretty early with Emma Leigh & Co. She visualized her “way to financial freedom” by starting her own business.

She took over the “Yankee Trader Seafood” of her grandfather at a young age and started investing in the company. She earned money from odd jobs like modeling, babysitting, and working at ice cream shops. But her dreams always have been bigger, and with her desire to go beyond seafood, she came up with Emma Leigh & Co. or the most popular Emma Leigh empanadas.

Emma Leigh Empanadas

Emma Oppenheim Group

Emma Hernan kick-started a journey with Emma Leigh empanadas and many other popular frozen food items. Simultaneously, shewas operating a manufacturing company, into the co-packing of many famous brands on the east coast.

With time, the famous “Emma Oppenheim Group” association happened. She has been a part of this real estate group since 2018. Her roles as the CEO of her own food company and an angel investor have solidified her position as a realtor. In a Forbes interview, Hernan says that she gets to meet the owners and CEOs of many food companies. These associations get converted into some really great real estate deals.

Further, she is very particular with her commitments and careful about what each of her clients wants. Thus, she has emerged as the “go-to agent” in the busy real estate market of Los Angeles.

Emma Selling Sunset

Emma Hernan has now become part of three seasons of Selling Sunset. In seasons 4 and 5, she already brought the drama and even expressed another aspect of her talent as a swimmer. Her fans were more in awe of this wonder woman, knowing her prowess as a swimmer to be qualified for the Olympics.

Emma Selling Sunset

Nevertheless, with the return of season 6, more is on the platter of her fans. And don’t miss the tension between Emma Hernan and Christine Quinn in this season also.

There is another reason this season will be special for Emma Hernan and Harry Styles’ fans. Emma has listed the singer’s former home in Hollywood Hills. Viewers will get to see the listing of that property in Selling Sunset Season 6.

Emma Hernan: The Mother Of A Rescue Dog

Emma Hernan is so full of life and positivity! Amidst all the responsibilities and commitments as a busy entrepreneur, her heart lies in her rescued dog, Benny. She loves going on hikes with this dog to unwind. She keeps sharing Instagram posts with this pooch and also calls him “the favorite guy in the world.”

She has further got herself busy fostering three kittens. She loves taking care of two orange male kittens and one gray female kitten. According to her, these interactions with the pets are therapeutic.

Emma Hernan: The Mother Of A Rescue Dog

Emma Hernan On Keeping Her Commitments

Keeping commitments has been one of the key tools of Emma Hernan in building relationships with the important people in her life. She is every bit like a high school student in making visual boards of her plans.

Also, her busy schedules and business meetings do not make her reschedule her social calendar. She thinks it’s important to catch a drink with her friends or stay connected to her parents even if the schedule is stringent.

Leading A Balanced Life

Emma Hernan finds that self-love, or taking time out for oneself is the biggest step one can take toward leading a balanced life. She also shares that downfalls and setbacks are bound to come in the journey of an entrepreneur. However, these things should be taken in stride so that walls can be pushed further and climbing the ladder becomes easier.

While she is mostly a go-getter and hustles about getting her deals cracked, she also does not forget to spend time with her pets and friends or get rejuvenated at spas or yoga sessions.

She says that important to get disconnected from the daily chores once in a while and then make a plunge full throttle.

Leading A Balanced Life

Wrapping Up!

If you have followed Selling Sunset, you will surely perceive Emma Hernan as a positive, honest, and hardworking person. You will also find her to be a friendly person shining bright even amidst the drama of the reality TV show.

Through her way of living and her words, she teaches the arts of positivity and balance to many young women. She inspires everyone to brainstorm and find the passion they have. And once the passion is found, she advises leaving no stone unturned to create a thriving entrepreneurial or financial success story.

Further, she is high on the YOLO mantra and tells everyone to follow that way!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Did Emma Hernan Start Her Business?

Emma Hernan started her journey as an entrepreneur by investing in his grandfather’s seafood company. She gathered the money by working as a model, babysitter, and ice cream shop employee.

With time, she started her own frozen food company, Emma Leigh & Co., started her own manufacturing company for packing, and joined the Oppenheim Group as a realtor.

What Is Emma Leigh Empanadas Business?

Emma Leigh Empanadas business, or Emma Leigh & Co., is a company selling vegan frozen food items. You can get these items shipped if you are located on the east coast of Mississippi.

On the official website of Emma Leigh & Co, you will also get the option to order from Yankee Trader Seafood, a family business run by Emma Hernan.

What Is Emma Herman College?

Emma Hernan Boston was enlisted in the University of Rhode Island freshman record in 2008. She mentioned photography and crafts as her hobbies in that record.

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