Johanna Konta’s Transition To Motherhood And Return To Wimbledon

Johanna Konta

Johanna Konta makes a comeback in Wimbledon with the “ladies’ invitation doubles.” She is paired with Sania Mirza, another tennis star and a mom. Johanna hits the circuit with her daughter, who is ten months old and occupies this tennis star’s majority of the time.

On being asked about her new transition to motherhood, Konta says, “I think the act of motherhood is really tough, it’s monotonous and boring compared to what I used to do, which is a play on Centre Court and travel the world and live a very selfish existence,” Well, she definitely has taken an honest approach with her reply. While almost everyone says they are enjoying the journey of motherhood, Konta has definitely chosen the blunter way.

However, the former number one British player did not forget to mention that she would choose this journey over playing at the center court.

Fans are really happy to see this tennis star, one of the most successful ones in Britain, back on the court after two years. She announced her retirement in 2021. Further, with this comeback, she has joined the list of many other successful players who have successfully returned to the court after motherhood.

In 1972, Margaret Court welcomed her first child, and the next year she won the laurel of the Australian Open, the US Open, and the French Open. Kim Clijsters is another shining star on the list, winning her second US Open title in 2010 post-motherhood. However, probably the most popular star to merge pregnancy and tennis beautifully has been Serena Williams. Being two months pregnant could not deter her from winning the 2017 Australian Open.

With such prominent examples, tennis has been more welcoming to embracing motherhood than many other sports. Konta agrees with this by saying there is a blueprint set by many tennis players who have made it big after delivering a baby. She says, “It does take a certain setup and it does take a certain infrastructure to be able to do it.”

She further adds that she was in love with her earlier life and was always committed to her retirement decision. But now, she is “learning to love” her life more.

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