Where Is Elisabeth Fritzl Now And What Happened To Her In The Basement

elisabeth fritzl

Imagine being trapped inside the four walls of a basement for 24 years and being tortured every single day. That’s how life has been for Elizabeth Fritzl, whose father showed no mercy on her. 

Popular as the “girl in the basement,” life has been very cruel to this lady. At the age of 18, Josef Fritzl abducted his own daughter in the basement of his house, and the details are horrific. She went mysteriously missing on 28 August 1984 from her family house, which was located in Austria. 

Before beginning the article, this is a warning for the readers. This story includes violence, abduction, and rape incidents. Keep reading to dig out the facts. 

What Happened On The Fritzl Basement After Elizabeth Went Missing?

Just like any other day, Josef Fritzl was carrying out his household chores. Reports suggest that on 28 August 1984, he was redecorating his cellar and was trying to fit a door. 

All of this was just a pretentious act with cruel intentions of abducting Elizabeth Fritzl. With the help of an ether-soaked clothe, he made her unconscious. After this day, Elizabeth did not see the outside world for the coming 24 years. 

The incidents that took place

Josef fritzl continued to sexually assault, abuse, and rape her daughter for 24 straight years. During this period, she became a mother to seven children. Yes, you heard that right. 

Three of her kids were living with her, at the mercy of the evil Fritzl, and three were taken upstairs where they lived with, who was supposed to be their grandma. One of the kids died right after its birth. 

On enquiring about the whereabouts of the kids, Josef weaved the plot that their missing daughter had left them all at their doorstep. April 26, 2008, was the day when Elizabeth Fritzl saw the outside light after a prolonged period. 

She was 42 then. If neighbors and closed kiths and kins are to be believed, Elisabeth fritzl today is much different than she used to be. Who is to be blamed after a series of such heart-choking incidents?

Her attempts to achieve freedom from the torture

Freedom for Elizabeth Fritzl didn’t come easy. After a series of failed attempts, she could finally bid goodbye to the cellar after one of her kids became sick and fell unconscious. She asked Josef to get the kid medical care to which the latter agreed. 

A medical staff tipped the police, which ultimately led to the rescue of Elisabeth Fritzl. Police and others could not believe their ears when she began narrating the story. After this, Fritzl was taken into arrest and jailed. 

Where Is Elizabeth Fritzl Now? 

Elisabeth fritzl now resides in a small house in an estranged location in Austria, and she has got company as well. Her three surviving kids also thrive with her, where they have a brightly-painted residence far from the country. The identity is kept a secret by the media as well as the police for unstated reasons.

It is to be believed that her kids now belong to the age category of 20 to 34 years. After such tragic incidents, they have developed mental trauma, due to which they sleep in rooms that are open permanently. After rigorous therapy sessions, it was extremely difficult to bring out the trauma they experienced inside the cellar. 

The two-storey residence of Elizabeth Fritzl is now secured under CCTV surveillance 24*7. And that’s not all! Security guards constantly patrol the house and pick up any stranger that lurks near the household for a long time. 

Elizabeth Fritzel and Her Kids’ Efforts In Adapting To The “New Word”

We can never imagine the horrors Elizabeth has to face inside the basement-cum-prison. She was left there, hungry, cold, and in the dark. She saw complete decades of disaster where her father would rape her even in front of the kids. Healing with this type of trauma is not easy, but life surely has its own flow. 

In 2011, Christine R, who happens to be the sister-in-law of Josef Fritzl, told in an interview that Elizabeth had started liking to shop a lot. She was unable to enjoy the small moments of pleasure when she was captivated. Not only does she adore jeans having glitter pockets, but she also qualifies for her driving exam with ease. 

Elisabeth Fritzl children are attending educational facilities and working hard to bring their life back to normal. In fact, the youngest of them, Felix, has even got his own PlayStation. For people like us, it might seem ordinary. But it means a lot to someone who couldn’t see daylight for 24 years. 

At present, Elizabeth Fritzl has no financial worries as the Austrian government compensated her with £54,000, named as a child allowance. None of which was provided when she was abducted. A team of professional social workers conducted constant therapy on the lady and her trapped kids. 

This was also when they stayed in hospital wards facing big lawns and overshadowing trees. A passing cloud is no less than magic for these traumatized individuals. Ever since her release, the girl in the basement real person is obsessed with cleanliness and showers very frequently. 

Wrapping It Up

We hope our article brought much light into the Elizabeth Fritzl abduction case, and we sincerely hope no person on this Earth should experience such terror. A person’s home is considered to be his safest haven, but not for this innocent lady. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. We will be delighted to hear from our readers.

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