Olivia Dunne: A Trailblazer in the World of Gymnastics
Olivia Dunne: A Trailblazer in the World of Gymnastics

Olivia Dunne: A Trailblazer in the World of Gymnastics

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4.2 millions! This is precisely the number of Instagram followers Olivia Dunne has at this moment. It’s not about Insta. Her “beachnastics” and backflip videos are setting Tiktok ablaze.

Is she the biggest “thing” in gymnastics in America today? Well, even if not the most significant thing to happen in American gymnastics, she is definitely a trailblazer in the world of gymnastics.

Of late, the New York Times and Olivia Dunne controversy of “sex sells” has again put the gymnast under the spotlight. But her millions of followers across social media gave her the courage and support to combat the ill words in her signature badass way.

She is absolutely proud of the “seven figures” she has earned and how she has marked herself upon getting an opportunity on the Louisiana State University’s “LSU Tigers women’s gymnastics” team.

It’s indeed fascinating to see how this young girl has made her gymnastics empire.

So, How Good Is Olivia Dunne At Gymnastics?

The latest Olivia Dunne LSU gymnastics outing has not been anything short of a fairy tale. This sensational gymnast led from the front and helped LSU Tigers to advance to the National Collegiate Athletic Association or the NCAA championship. And the squad finished in the fourth position at the championship.

Still, there are many questions about her caliber as a gymnast and more because she is not taking the conventional way. She is playing the game, marketing herself, and earning millions! Probably this glitz and glory are putting her repeatedly under the scanner as a gymnast.

So, let’s decode!

So, How Good Is Olivia Dunne At Gymnastics?

Olivia Dunne Performance In The 2023 NCAA

Year 2023 has not been that great for Olivia Dunne if you consider her performance. He had many bouts with injuries, including an injured bicep, torn labrums, and stress reactions in her legs. This year, she has taken part in four LSU meets so far. Also, she has only participated in the events of “uneven bars.”

Further, she has not competed after 31st March this year. So, here are her four registered scores for the year 2023.

  • 9.825 at Alabama Meet
  • 9.825 Again at California, George Washington, Washington Meet
  • 9.85 at SEC Championships
  • 9.65 at Denver Regional II

Still, with her limited appearance on the field, Olivia Dunne still continues to be one of the highest NIL earners in 2023.

Further, she took the internet by storm with her SI Swimsuit shoot in Puerto Rico.

Olivia Dunne Performance In The 2023 NCAA

Olivia Dunne 2021-22 NCAA Season

This has been probably the most promising year for Olivia Dunne.

  • She registered a score of 9.925 at the “Opening Meet” against Centenary.
  • In the same year, she registered a score of 9.80 on the floor for her collegiate debut.
  • She earned a 9.875 score on the uneven bars at the SEC Championships
  • She scored 9.85 on uneven bars and 9.9 on floor exercises for LSU at the NCAA regional semifinals.
Olivia Dunne 2021-22 NCAA Season

Olivia Dunne NCAA 2020-21 Season

Olivia Dunne appeared on each “regular-season meet” of 2020-21.

  • She scored 9.875 against Arkansas in her NCAA debut.
  • On bars, she earned an NQS of 9.9 to enter the postseason.
  • She earned a 9.9 score on bars to lead LSU to a second-place finish.
  • She scored 9.9 on bars in the semifinals of the NCAA.

Even before joining LSU or competing at the NCAA, Olivia Dunne has been a regular gymnast at American Classic, U.S. Classic, U.S. National Championships, and other important events.

Olivia Dunne NCAA 2020-21 Season

Social Media Fame Of Olivia Dunne

If you see Olivia Dunne Instagram page, you will find she has 4.2 M followers as of today. Further, her number of Tiktok followers is around 7.6 million. Naturally, she has emerged as the most followed NCAA personality on social media.

But what’s the secret behind her astounding social media popularity? Her followers swoon over her long blonde hair, cute face, and perfectly toned figure. She further adds sass to her social media posts by getting dolled up in crop tops, angel wings, and mini dresses. And it’s amazing that a single social media post of Olivia Dunne is tentatively valued at $31000.

This social media of craze of Olivia Dunne has definitely raised eyebrows, and some even tried belittling her position as a gymnast who has been maintaining a stellar slate across championships throughout the years.

But you cannot deny the fact that her social media following fetched her many remarkable collaborations. She has worked with “American Eagle Outfitters,” PlantFuel, Vuori, and many other popular names. She herself mentioned earning more than $50000 for a sponsored post during her appearance on Full Send Podcast.

Social Media Fame Of Olivia Dunne

Wrapping Up!

Olivia Dunne is a name to reckon with in gymnastics, and how she uses her skills for social media fame. Her social media fame and successful collaborations have made her net worth soar to $3m.

But there’s more to it! She is inspiring a whole lot of youngsters to make the most of their passion. She especially inspires young girls and asks them to have self-belief. She asks the girls to “dream big” and make their “success stories.”

Overall, the rise of Olivia Dunne is nothing short of a fairy tale, and here are cheers to more power and glory to the youngster!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Are Olivia Dunne Parents?

Olivia Dunne parents are David Dunne and Katherine Dunne. Her parents reside in New Jersey. She also has a younger sibling, Julianna Dune. Julianna is a softball player.
Olivia has always been vocal about her parents being supportive of her gymnastic career.

Was Olivia Dunne In The Olympics?

No, Olivia Dunne was never in the Olympics. She has been an NCAA gymnast since the 2020-21 season. Before that, she took part in the senior and junior meets of the American Classic, U.S. Classic, National Championships, etc.

Is Olivia Dunne Any Good At Gymnastics?

Yes, Olivia Dunne is pretty impressive at gymnastics. She has been a regular at the NCAA meets as part of Louisiana State University’s “LSU Tigers women’s gymnastics” team. She is especially remarkable in the events of uneven bars and also has helped the LSU Tigers to earn a place at the NCAA Championship.

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