15 Weeks Pregnant: Milestones, Symptoms, and Preparations for the Second Trimester

15 Weeks Pregnant

Time flows by so fast right? Only a few weeks ago your baby was the size of an apple and now its organs have already begun to form. You are three and a half months pregnant approximately by now.  In this article I will be discussing being 15 weeks pregnant and some other general discussions regarding the same!

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15 Weeks Pregnant: What’s Happening Inside Of Your Body?

The baby is growing very quickly and they are wrapped in a safe layer of fluid and an amniotic sac. They also have their own food supply at this point in time – the placenta. You could really start getting an odd jabbing of pain on the sides of your 15 weeks pregnant belly bump. In medical terms, it is also referred to as “round ligament pain”. To get relief from this pain you could try putting your feet up and then resting for a while.

Your skin may also feel a bit itchy but it will be of great help to use an unperfumed moisturizer at a time like this. You should also wear a loose type of clothing and have a cool bath. If you notice that the itching is getting worse, especially around nighttime, then you can talk to your midwife or doctor.

How Does The Baby Look Like During This Point In Time?

How Does The Baby Look Like During This Point In Time

The fetus is around 10.2 cm long from, right from head to bottom – for comparison it is as big as the size of an apple really! Their weight of them is around 70g, which is just the same as a really small bag of salad.

The baby also grows a soft layer of hair called “lanugo” all over their body. Their eyelashes and eyebrows also start to develop at this point in time. The baby’s eyes become really very sensitive to light during this point in time.

Also, around this point in time, the baby starts hearing too. If you talk to your baby then they will probably hear you. They will also hear your heartbeat and any other noises that your digestive system makes.

Changes In The Pants

Changes In The Pants

You might notice a lot of discharge in your pants. A majority of women get this. There is even more blood flowing around the pelvis area and that can cause your body to produce even more of the milky fluid referred to as leucorrhoea to come out. You need to see a midwife or a doctor if:

  • you experience pain while peeing
  • you feel very sore or itchy
  • the discharges change color – creamy, white, or clear
  • very smelly discharge – it could smell slightly musky

Do You Need An Ultrasound At 15 Weeks Pregnant?

Your assigned doctor might not schedule a 15 week ultrasound for you, when you are 15 weeks pregnant . This is so because you just had your ultrasound very recently. However, for the moms who are carrying high-risk pregnancies might have to schedule an ultrasound appointment.

If you notice that your pregnancy is something that is at a higher risk, then your doctor would definitely recommend getting an amniocentesis (between the weeks of 15 and 20).

If you do end up getting an amniocentesis – the doctor will then use ultrasound for guiding a very thin needle inside your womb for collecting a sample of the amniotic fluid. They will then later test this particular fluid to detect for any genetic disorders, such as Down Syndrome.

If you get an ultrasound at 15 weeks then it is very possible that your doctor could determine the gender of the baby. In some of the cases though, the baby hides its external genitals through its position. If this happens then do not worry as your doctor can try again during your next ultrasound.

Tip: Hiccups while pregnant is nothing to worry about, it is happening because you are both nauseous and excited.

Symptoms You Will Experience In Your Second Trimester

Symptoms You Will Experience In Your Second Trimester

Here are a few symptoms that you are likely to experience when you are 15 weeks pregnant:

  • Pains on the side of your belly (which are more likely to happen due to an expanding womb). This is also known as “round ligament pains“.
  • The person may also experience excessive heartburn and indigestion.
  • Bleeding gums
  • leg cramps
  • sore breasts
  • a very heightened sense of smell
  • a white, milky pregnancy discharge from the vaginal area and a bit of a light spotting
  • the pregnant person also may experience morning sickness
  • frequent and unexplainable mood swings
  • dizziness
  • feeling unnaturally hot all the time
  • headaches 15 weeks pregnant
  • infections in the vaginal area
  • Darkened skin on the face in the form of brown patches – which is also known as chloasma
  • Shinier and thicker hair


Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the same:

1. Which trimester is usually the hardest?

A: For the majority of women, the first trimester of pregnancy is usually the hardest. During this period, the body starts going through a massive transformation and needs a lot of time in getting adjusted to the changes.

2. Where is the baby exactly located (on the left or right)?

A: It actually varies and depends from person to person. For some, it may be posterior, breech, right occiput anterior, or even left occiput anterior.

3. What not to do during the second trimester?

A: You should definitely avoid smoking and alcohol at all costs. Additionally, avoid hot sauna baths as well!

To Wrap It Up!

That was all for information regarding the second trimester of pregnancy (for 15 weeks). Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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