Women’s Orgasm: Why Do We Have To Fake Many Times?

Women's Orgasm

You must have heard that women “fake” orgasms, or you may have done that a couple of times. But why so? When women talk about the climax during intercourse or orgasm, in around 50% of cases, the result is far more than satisfactory.

By now, we all know that a woman’s orgasm does not just happen because of penetration. And we often tend to ignore the clitoris stimulation part, considering it part of the foreplay.

A recent study done of over 50000 people highlights this issue and says that 95% of men have an orgasm during heterosexual intercourse. On the other hand, only 65% of women reported reaching the climax in heterosexual intercourse.

Many may call this finding a corroboration of the old belief and say that female orgasm is difficult to fathom. However, it is not at all elusive as a change in the situation has often helped women to achieve orgasm.

The study finds that women orgasm more during self-pleasure than having intercourse with their partners. The study report says that around 92% of women are able to reach the climax while masturbating, and hence the rate is much higher than the number recorded in heterosexual intercourses.

The status of the relationship also is an important determinant of women cumming during intercourse. A study involving 12000 college students showed women have higher orgasm rates while having sex with their partners in a committed relationship than casual hookups. According to this study,

  • Only 10% of young college girls reported having an orgasm during casual hookups.
  • 68% of college girls said they had orgasms while having sex with their partners in a committed relationship.

For bisexual women, the rate of achieving orgasm or culmination during sex is much higher with women partners.

With all the data and facts with us, it is important to analyze why women fail to have an orgasm in so many cases. Let’s go back to where all these discussions started. Often, the importance of clitoral stimulation is neglected in a heterosexual relationship.

Just like a penis, the clitoris of a woman is made of erectile tissues as well as “touch-sensitive nerve endings.” So, to bridge the orgasm gap, we need to address and understand the importance of clitoral stimulation. It is as important as or rather more important than those long thrusts popularized as the main ways to achieve female orgasm.

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