Ireland Women’s Team Debuts in FIFA World Cup And Takes On Australia In The First Game

FIFA World Cup Australia

The Women’s football team of the Republic of Ireland is all set to debut and take on the Australian team on the opening day of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. With a few hours left for the game, Sydney is getting geared up for more than 80000 spectators. And as the first-time contender, they are now seen as the “favorite underdog” of the tournament.

It’s a challenge for the team of Vera Pauw as they are taking on Australia, the host and one of the strongest contenders, to win the FIFA World Cup 2023 title. So, as the team walks down the aisle at Stadium Australia, they will be greeted by a green and golden crowd. Even if you have a look at the ranking, the Australian team stands at number 10, while the Republic of Ireland team is ranked 22.

Having said that, the Ireland women’s team, taking inspiration from Sky Ireland’s “Outbelieve” campaign, will be plunging in full throttle to make their debut run at the FIFA Women’s World Cup memorable. In this context, Vera Pauw, the coach of the Irish team, says that all the girls on the football team have owned this dream. 

The coach further adds, “That word will end up in the dictionary because we out believe we can do something special here.” He even went on saying, “That is how we ended up here because we out-believed. We did something that nobody expected.”

Ireland snatched this chance of debuting in the FIFA World Cup by defeating Scotland. The playoff at Hampden Park was nail-biting. Amber Barrett was the only scorer in that exciting match. Once she scored the goal, she kneeled and tugged at her black armband. It was a tribute to the people of Donegal, losing their lives in a gas explosion a day before.

A friendly match between Colombia and Ireland got dismissed last Thursday after just 23 minutes of play. Denise O’Sullivan, the Irish midfielder, got injured in that game, but Vera Pauw confirms that she will be playing in the world cup as expected.

The resolute mindset of the Irish women’s football team reflects in the words of Katie McCabe, the captain. She says, “We’re Irish, we don’t shy away from physicality. It’s ingrained in us in the hardworking team we are.” 

Now, on the eve of the team’s debut, let’s see what it caters to the fans.

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