Lesbian Couple Wins Battle Against Unequal Fertility Treatment

Fertility Treatment

Megan and Whitney, a lesbian couple and influencers, earlier talked about their experience of fertility treatments with NHS Frimley in the “Say Yes To The Dress” TV show. The couple shared how they had to spend “ten thousand pounds” and receive twelve rounds of fertility treatments to be able to get NHS support.

It goes without saying that they faced extreme harassment and inequality as hetero sexual couples who have been trying and failing to conceive for the last two years do not have to go through these “private fertility tests” before getting help from NHS Frimley.

As a consequence of their experience with NHS Frimley, Megan and Whitney Bacon Evans launched a legal fight against NHS Frimley two years back. Finally, the couple shared an Instagram post last Saturday and mentioned their win over NHS Frimley.

But their legal victory has not been declared in a court verdict and instead they have withdrawn the case. The couple says that they have done so because the “NHS Frimley Integrated Care Board (ICB)” is likely to address the issue of the equality of fertility treatment of same-sex couples.

The couple stated, “We are withdrawing our legal action as Frimley ICB recognise the need to update their policy to remove the inequality between same-sex female couples and cis heterosexual couples.

This combined with the government’s commitment to removing the barriers to accessing IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation) for same-sex female couples in 2023 leaves us feeling very hopeful for the future of LGBTQ+ families.”

The influencer couple is known as Wegan in YouTube and they enjoy a huge fan following. Thanks to their large number of followers, they managed to gather ten-thousand pounds they had to spend for the fertility treatments through crowdfunding. 

The couple met each other online in 2008 and are now married for six years. 

In 2020, they came up with the “fertility equality” campaign and it was against the discriminatory rules in fertility treatments between gay and heterosexual couples.

The couple while filing the lawsuit for the discrimination in fertility treatments in 2021 said that they were “Shocked and devastated to discover the discrimination that lesbian couples, bisexual women and individuals with wombs face in starting their family.”

So, with NHS Frimley Integrated Care Board about to address this matter, they seem to have achieved the equality they wanted. 

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