A Black Women Run Company Introduces AI-Driven Wigs

Black Women

Parfait, led by Isoken Igbinedion, is definitely a gem among the companies led by black women trying to bridge the beauty gap. Isoken was always committed to finding protective styles for hair, and she was disappointed with how the regular wigs in the market left very little room for customization.

The wigs available were either too big, or they were too small in size. So, Parfait has perfectly worked toward and achieved the creation of customized wigs with the help of artificial intelligence.

So far, AI has been a little unnerving among the black community, considering instances of this technology being racist. However, Ifueko Igbinedion, the co-founder of Parfait and sister to Isoken, comes from a background in artificial intelligence and computer science.

The incorporation of AI in Parfait happened with a lot of authenticity and a sound knowledge base. As the technical chief of the company, Ifueko takes care of the proper use of AI and machine learning in solving wig-related problems.

Parfait is gaining attention for all the right reasons. Technology and AI were earlier perceived as something impersonal.

But the Igbinedion sisters and Simone Kendle, the chief marketing and operations officer, have completely changed the scenario. They have used impersonal technology to offer a “personalized and humane touch” in every wig they create.

But Parfait is never complacent with the use of technology itself. They are very much committed to creating familiarity. You will come across the virtual wig consultations of Parfait experts, and these consultations are completely free. To make things more authentic, Parfait also has its real customers wearing wigs and sharing their experiences through videos.

If we expand the horizon, we will understand how Parfait has achieved something bigger and better for the black community. The company has been able to use the technology most authentically with complete commitment to customer satisfaction.

So, amidst all the debate about the authenticity of technology, the company has been able to infuse both with a niche customer base.

Furthermore, the company is the trailblazer in making the marriage of technical advancement and personalized beauty experience possible. In the future, Parfait plans to experiment with artificial intelligence to address and solve a zillion hair concerns black women face. The company is also committed to catering to women suffering from hair loss caused by cancer or alopecia. It believes that fashion should be inclusive and women from all walks of life should be able to embrace their unique beauty.  

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