Wendie Renard | Early Life | Education | Family | Business | Wealth 

"Wendie Renard | Early Life | Education | Family | Business | Wealth "

What are role models made of? They are the people who, with their hard work and determination, show how to achieve our dreams. 

And such was the strong determination of professional footballer Wendie Renard, who came from a humble background and became the captain of the French women’s national team. 

Being among the most decorated football players in modern women’s club football. She was even tagged as an “institution” by New York Times in 2019. 

So let’s dive in deeper and know more about this amazing woman, “a tower of strength” for Lyon and France. 

Personal Biography

But before we know more about her in great detail, here are a few facts about Wendie Renard that you should know about. 

BornWendie Therese Renard,
20th July 1990 (age 32),
Schœlcher, Martinique, France
Height1.87 m / 6’2”
ProfessionFootball Player
TeamOlympique Lyonnaise Feminin (Lyon)
Winning Titles14 French league titles
Net Worth$1.8 million

Early Life

Early Life
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Wendie Renard had a rather humble upbringing in a little French island called Martinique, which is in the Lesser Antilles. When she was just eight years old, her father died due to lung cancer, she was at the time the youngest of four daughters. 

In the hopes of pursuing her dream of becoming a footballer, she joined the Essor-Prechotain, in her hometown. Then when she turned 15, she came to France’s mainland and went to give a trial at the Clairefontaine. 

Although she didn’t qualify there, she went to Lyon for a trial there and qualified after the trials. From then, her journey with the Olympique Lyonnais started. She left her home in Martinique island permanently at 16 years old to live here in Lyon. 

Career in Football

Career in Football
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Wendie Renard is who you call a “dominating defender.” She clearly uses her 6’ 2 inches of Wendie Renard height into action and her strong body frame as well to full use. This helps her to stand as a wall to the opposing attacks and also to score goals on the attacking end. 

Through her tough game strategy, comparisons between her and Virgil van Dijk of Liverpool have been drawn; he is the best defender in the men’s department. 

Club Career

Her club, the Olympique Lyonnais, since she joined the club in 2006, and they won consecutive titles till 2020. They also won Challenge de France trophy numerous times. For the UEFA finals, Renard was featured in 2010 and helped the team win the 2010-11 league title. 

She scored the first goal against Turbine Potsdam during the final game, winning with a 2-0 final score. As of 2020, she also scored the winning goal against Paris Saint-Germain in the semi-finals during UEFA Women’s Champions League in 2019-20. They went on to win the whole competition as well, which was for the seventh time in Renard’s career. 

Wendie Renard UEFA’S Women’s Champions League

Wendie Renard UEFA’S Women’s Champions League
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A: Assists                                 OF: Offsides                       STRT: Starts
FA: Fouls Suffered                   RC: Red Cards                   YC: Yellow Cards
FC: Fouls Committed              SH: Shots
G: Total Goals                          ST: Shots on target

International Career

Renard debuted on France Women’s National Team n 2011 against Switzerland for the Cyprus Cup. Since then, Renard has played for the France National team twice in FIFA Women’s World Cups and two times at the Olympics. She even became the captain of the national team in 2013. 

Against South Korea and Nigeria, Renard scored three goals and a penalty, respectively, during the 2019 World Cup. 

Personal Life

Although being such a decorated player, not a lot is known about Wendie Renard’s personal life. She lives a very private life, where nothing is known about Wendie Renard husband or Wendie Renard partner or whether she has one. 

It is quite common that, like most female players and athletes, she is also tight-lipped about her relationships and personal life. Although, as per rumors, Wendie is currently single and not linked with anyone as of now. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

If you wanna know more about Wendie Renard, then here are a few questions that might help you know her better.

Q1. How Tall Is French Footballer Wendie Renard?

Ans. Wendie Renard height is about 1.87 m, making her the tallest women’s footballer in the world. 

Q2. How Much Does Wendie Renard Make A Year?

Ans. Playing for the Lyon club and also for the French national team, Wendie Renard won French titles, Europe cups, and many All-Star lineups. She makes about $392,000 each year.

Q3. What Position Is Wendie Renard?

Ans. Wendie Renard played for Lyon football club and also for the French football team playing in the position of defender or centre back. 

Wrapping Up!

Wendie Renard has been associated with one of the prestigious clubs of France, Olympique Lyonnais, and also has been the captain of the French national team. So she is someone who is worth being a role model to millions of girls thinking of becoming a football players

So if you think that Wendie Renard is someone who is worth being a role model, then leave a like and write a comment down below to let us know. 

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