Achieving Perfection With Your Long Shag Haircut: Step-By-Step Styling Guide

long shag haircut

Changing your hairstyle is always a big deal as it influences the way we look ourselves. It is true that if you have long hair, then it might feel really bad to cut the hair short in a chopped, shaggy look, but what about a long one?

The shaggy haircut is a quite recent addition as a great way of cutting and styling your hair. Before that, it was highly popular in the 80s, but then in the 90s, the style kinda died down.

But now it re-emerged again, with lots of different hairstyles and styling techniques to choose from. And this time, it is not going to shut down any time soon.

According to popular hairstylist Devin Toth, “For the shag, you have to let go of comventional styling techniques that we have all been doing for the last decade. You woiuldn’t do a perfect, bouncy, round-brush blowout, styled by section, and then create loose waves, set by a large curling iron.”

Long Shag Haircut: Step-By-Step Styling Guide

Long Shag Haircut: Step-By-Step Styling Guide

Now that you know a bit about long shag haircuts, it’s time that you know that there are many different ways you can cut and even style long shag haircuts.

So if you wanna have a groovy look with long curly shaggy hair, then you need to keep on scrolling through the article.

Step 1: Create Volume At The Roots

Create Volume At The Roots

As Devin Toth said, “If your hair is flat, you can quickly prep your style by blow-drying a couple sections above the crown with a medium-sized round brush. ”

This is the easiest way of making sure your hair gets your hair volumized from the roots. But in order to create this volume, you first need to pick the right hairbrush as well.

Step 2: Add Waves

Add Waves

Then once you add volume to your hair, the next obvious step that you need to do is to add the much needed waves to your hair.

To do that, take your styling rod and do what Toth says, “hit the bottom half of your shag haircut with a small wand, is a good bet because it lets you choose the size of the ringlet depending on the texture you’re after. Just a few pieces wrapped around the iron – it shouldn’t be perfect at all.”

Step 3: Straighten The Ends

Straighten The Ends

Now that you are all done with the curls suppose then you curled your ends as well. For people doing this long shag haircut for the first time, you might curl the ends as well.

But you should remember that the essence of the shaggy hairstyle is to have a choppy end feel to your hair. So to get that exact choppy look, you need to straighten your hair at the ends.

What you need to do is take a flat iron and “use a straightening iron to keep the ends straight.” This way, you will have curled hair but flat ends.

Step 4: Add Some Texture

Add Some Texture

Well, now that your hair is all done, now it needs to be prepped, and a little texture needs to add dry shampoo to your hair. Like Toyth said, “Next, flip your head forward and downward and then shake the roots out with your fingers.”

He further added, “Before you lift you head back up, take a deep breath and spray a generous amount of texturizer spray or dry shampoo all over.”

Dry shampoo is very important to maintain the volume of your hair for a longer period of time. Toth says’ “Spray at the root area to absorb any oil and give a second-day cool look to the hair.”

Step 5: Define Your Waves

Define Your Waves

Now once everything is over, it is time for you to apply the finishing touches to your hair to set and prep everything. To set and prep your hair, you should use a texturizing wax spray or styling clay that would hold your hair.

But when you are choosing these products, you need to make sure that you don’t buy something with a high level of water content. That way, the chances are that your hair will revert back to the way it was before with your natural curls.

Types Of Long Shag Haircuts

When it comes to long shag haircuts, there are many different haircuts and styles that you can try out on yourself. But the list down below are a few of my favorite long shag haircuts.

1. Rebel Shag

Rebel Shag

The first haircut is the long shaggy haircut, but also known as the rebel shag. This is the ultimate shag long shag haircuts for women and men, especially as an iconic rock hairstyle.

If you wanna try a few great colors to this shaggy hair, then the best hair color for this long shag haircut is the color auburn.

2. Shag With Long Bangs

Shag With Long Bangs

When you are looking to get long hair shaggy layers, then at the same time get bangs as well. And to that get either a red or rather reddish hair color for the look.

This hairstyle looks very beautiful, if you are looking for a bohemian style and feel for yourself. The style looks really beautiful if you are going for both an edgy look and a cute girly look.

3. Sombre Shag With No Bangs

Sombre Shag With No Bangs

If you are looking forward to get a sombre looking shaggy hairstyle, then the look usually gives you a great texture and dimension to your hair. The hair, with it’s volume and texture, is really gorgeous and divine looking, indeed.

4. Wavy Shag

If you are someone who loves to have wavy long shag haircut, then you can get it but for the shaggy look you need to have volume in your hair.

And at the same time, your hair should have beautiful texture as well. So if you have wavy or even slightly wavy hair, then this is the long shag haircut that you should try out.

Wrapping Up!

Now thar you know very well who to go about the long shag haircut, then you can try it for yourself quite easily. But if you wanna perfect the look, then you can go to a salon to get the proper hairstyle. So now if you think that this article was helpful for you, then you should definitely give this article a like and also comment down below.

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