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Sophia Amoruso

You must have heard the name of Sophia Amoruso. She is known to be the founder of many enterprises and is also a millennial who made it to the list of the self-made women entrepreneurs.

Considering the fact that women have been looked down upon for centuries, the community as a whole admires any woman who goes beyond their limits in the man’s world. That is exactly what most of the people around the world like about Amoruso.

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Sophia Amoruso: Wiki/Biography

NameSophia Amoruso
Date Of Birth20 April, 1984
Age Thirty eight years (38)
Place of birthCalifornia
OccupationEntrepreneur, Author
SpouseJoel DeGraff (2015-2017)
Known forNasty Gal, Girlboss Media

Who Is Sophia Amoruso?

Sophia Amoruso is a famous American businesswoman who is known for being the former founder and chairperson of Nasty Gal. hse is also one of the very few self-made successful women entrepreneurs in the world at such a young age of thirty-eight.

However, that is not how it was from the beginning. Sophia Amoruso has always been very vocal about her life and her struggles with depression. In one way or the other, her bad times were the reason why she reached the peak of success.

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The Early Life Of Sophia Amoruso: All About Her Struggle!

Born in the year 1984, Sophia Amoruso is a woman of mixed ancestry. She is a descendant of Greek, Portuguese, and Italian culture. She was born in California and was raised in a very orthodox Greek church.

At a very young age, while she was an adolescent, she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and depression. As a result, her family decided that it would be best if she dropped out of school, and that is what happened.

After that, her parents got divorced, and Sophia moved to Sacramento in California. This was a more liberal and free spirited place compared to her hometown, San Diego. She managed to get her first job. Sophia Amoruso worked at a Subway outlet for the first time. She also managed to work at a bookstore and then at a record shop.

In Sacramento, she lived a nomadic life. She then moved to Portland, where she was caught shoplifting. She then relocated to another popular city, San Francisco. And this is the place that changed her life.

Nasty Gal And More: Her Big Steps!

At the age of twenty-two, Sophia worked as a member of security for the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. She opened an eBay store online, which she named the Nasty Gal Vintage.

This store sold all things vintage. From clothes to other items that she had stolen as a teenager, she sold them all here. But not as they were. Sophia styled, captioned, and photographed the products and shipped them herself.

She began her business in 2004 in her bedroom. And by 2006, the Nasty Gal Vintage had gained a lot of popularity. It was a dream come true for her when her business earned a yearly revenue of one million dollars.

This business was later turned into a million dollar retail company called the Nasty Gal. By the year 2008, the revenues of the company were more than $223,000. In the year 2011, the revenues skyrocketed, and it hit the major $23 million mark. With over two hundred employees, there was a time when the Nasty Gal was making a hundred million in sales annually.

In the year 2015, however, Sophia Amoruso announced that she would step down as the CEO of her retail company. It is said that Sophia had already expected the company to go bankrupt. And that is what happened. Soon after she left, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2016.

Sophia Amoruso founded a media company called the Girlboss Media in December 2017, in this company mainly creates editorial content, podcasts, and videos that aim at empowering women.

Sophia Amoruso Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Have?

Sophia Amoruso Net Worth

If money is important to you, then you must have been looking for the answer to what is the net worth of Sophia Amoruso. Well, that is the reason why I am here.

According to Forbes, Sophia Amoruso is a millionaire. Most of her fortune is due to the profit that she earned while being the chairperson and the founder of the massive retail company Nasty Gal.

She is considered to be the only woman outside the entertainment industry who made it to the list of the Richest Self-Made Women List of Forbes in the year 2016. At that time, her net worth was $280 million dollars.

However, after she stepped down from the position of the chairperson of Nasty Gal, already expecting a bankruptcy, in January of 2015, Sophia Amoruso’s net worth plummeted from 280 million dollars to just twenty million.
As of 2022, the net worth of Sophia Amoruso is estimated to be nearly $25 million. Most of her earnings are due to her publications and her media company, Girlboss media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you are almost at the end of this blog, I hope that you have found the answer to most of your queries. However, you might want to have some additional information regarding Sophia Amoruso. Here are some of the questions that readers frequently ask. Go through them to find out more about her.

1. Why Is Sophia Amoruso Famous?

Sophia Amoruso is famous for being a millennial in the list of the richest and the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. She is also known for being the founder of Nasty Gal and Girlboss.

2. Why Did Sophia Amoruso Leave Nasty Gal?

In the year 2015, Sophia Amoruso left Nasty Gal after stepping down from the position of the company’s executive chairwoman. She did that after realizing that the company could face bankruptcy any day.

3. What Is The Meaning Of Girlboss?

The term girlboss is a popular term that Sophia Amoruso had popularized in the year 2014 in her book titled the same. The term means a woman who is independent, self-made and runs her own company or career.

Bottom Line: When There Is A Will, There Is A Way!

Sophia Amoruso is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the world. She is a popular American businesswoman in the industry of women’s retail fashion. If you are someone who has heard the name of the popular retail brand Nasty Gal, then you must have heard of Amoruso.

In case you wanted to know about Sophia Amoruso, I hope that you found this article to be of help. Also, are you having any queries related to the same, feel free to scroll down and share them through the comment box below. I will make sure to come back and answer them for you!

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