Louis Vuitton Bags Are Expensive: Let’s Know Why
Louis Vuitton Bags Are Expensive: Let’s Know Why

Louis Vuitton Bags Are Expensive: Let’s Know Why

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You cannot help falling for a Louis Vuitton bag whenever you see it. Since 1854, this brand has been synonymous with ultimate luxury. But probably the only thing that can come between the Louis Vuitton bags is their high price.

But why do these bags synonymous with power and money make you pay so much? There is not much information on how Louis Vuitton bags are manufactured. However, some industry insiders have anonymously shared their views on the price markup of these luxury bags.

Why Louis Vuitton Bags Are Expensive?

Why Louis Vuitton Bags Are Expensive

The pride of elite women, Louis Vuitton bags are absolutely worth their price. You can never undermine the exclusivity and reputation of the brand. So, women’s Louis Vuitton bags are something to reckon with impeccable quality, utility, and fashion.

But there is more if you want to decode the reasons behind the high price of these bags.

Brand Exclusivity

Have you checked out the Yayoi Kusama collection from Louis Vuitton? This is the latest from the house with the artist’s ultimate aesthetics and creative expression. And this collection is also a reflection of Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire.

Nonetheless, whenever there is a Louis Vuitton collection on the block, it’s very limited. The brand operates this way to maintain its exclusivity.

Again, a brand like Louis Vuitton is synonymous with an unmatched legacy. And market wise also, you will seldom come across a luxury brand with a “92% retention value at resale.”

So, there is no wonder why all divas are looking for “women Louis Vuitton bags” everywhere. And to say the least, the signature floral designs and the LV logo are enough to justify the price they ask you to pay.

Louis Vuitton Bags Are Handmade

Louis Vuitton Bags Are Handmade

The Louis Vuitton workshops across the globe are the hubs of the most talented and highly skilled craftsmen. And you won’t believe that Louis Vuitton bags are made through a manufacturing process consisting of 100 to 300 steps.

This elaborate and conservative way of working is the main reason behind the impeccable quality of Louis Vuitton bags.

And if you know, it takes a few seconds to differentiate the Louis Vuitton replica bags from the original ones.

So, if you appreciate the quality of a Louis Vuitton bag, you need to pay the cost attached. And as you love your curtain bangs, these bags will be your cherished possession for posterity.

Louis Vuitton Bags Have The Best Material

Louis Vuitton Bags Have The Best Material

Louis Vuitton bags can endure the test of time. These bags are so durable because the best quality canvas and leather are used in manufacturing.

Talking about the hardware, these bags have the best elements made of brass and gold.

So, you get the perfect fusion of sturdiness and functionality with Louis Vuitton bags.

Louis Vuitton Bags Are Always In Demand

Louis Vuitton Bags Are Always In Demand

Louis Vuitton bags are like timeless classics. You will never see a drop in the demand. And that is another reason why Louis Vuitton dupes are spreading like wildfire everywhere.

As the most valuable fashion brand in the world, Louis Vuitton has recorded an impressive 17% organic growth in the first of the year 2023 in comparison to the first half of 2022. This year, the number is €42.2 billion.

These facts and figures are enough to fathom the high demand for Louis Vuitton bags.

The Word “Sale” Does Not Exist For Louis Vuitton

The Word “Sale” Does Not Exist For Louis Vuitton

Have you ever heard of Louis Vuitton bags being on sale? Never!

As I just mentioned, every collection they offer has a limited span with a specific sales target to meet. Once the target is achieved, the production is discontinued. So, there is always a rush to get the most exclusive range, irrespective of the price tag.

The brand also does not wait for a collection to drop in popularity and then offer it on sale. Further, Louis Vuitton is very stringent about stopping the dissemination of their products through the black market.

The unsold products are burnt or shredded to stop this practice.

Louis Vuitton Bags Are Synonymous With Heritage And Innovation

Louis Vuitton Bags Are Synonymous With Heritage And Innovation

Beginning its journey in 1854, the Louis Vuitton bag has a long history attached to it. Louis Vuitton, the man behind the brand, was an exceptional craftsman of leather bags and suitcases. With time, his creations became favorites among the elites, and Empress Eugénie de Montijo also chose him to make personal luggage. So, this rich history makes Louis Vuitton bags very expensive. It’s not easy to sustain for centuries and only rises in popularity with each passing day.

Talking about innovation, the classic Louis Vuitton suitcases are a classic example of how this brand is committed to improving itself. The pin tumbler lock, one of the main elements of Louis Vuitton, is a result of innovation, and it was incorporated in the Georges Vuitton bags in 1886.

Further, these tumbler locks ended the problem of frequent spillage and breaking of the vintage suitcases during long days/hours of traveling.  

Their Retail Places Are Expensive

So many numbers came in as I talked to the industry experts regarding the money spent by Louis Vuitton on its retail places.

And the numbers are huge. Only the brand’s flagship store in Paris comes with an annual rent of $26 million.

Louis Vuitton Spends A Lot On Marketing

Louis Vuitton Spends A Lot On Marketing

Louis Vuitton spends a fortune on marketing and advertisement to sustain and rise in the highly competitive market. Be it the Vintage Louis Vuitton bags or the newer collections, Louis Vuitton has a handsome budget for celeb endorsements, commercials, and advertisements in leading fashion mags.

If you plan to have new Louis Vuitton bags, remember that the brand increased its marketing and branding budget to 30 million in 2022.

Final Words

Are Louis Vuitton bags worth it? Yes, absolutely. The use of quality products, hardware, and a well-streamlined manufacturing process are behind the rising price of these bags. So, the price you pay is for the impeccable quality you receive.

And connoisseurs know why these bags are something to be cherished forever. Even if they find some really great alternatives from other brands, they will always look for a bag from Louis Vuitton. So, pack your makeup and other essentials in your Louis Vuitton bag and get going. Happy journey!

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