Is First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Safe For Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy and that itchiness on your face, growing baby bump, hands, and everywhere! First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream can be the ultimate savior in alleviating skin irritations and issues, including eczema and dermatitis.

This popular beauty brand offers products that reflect its commitment to skincare. Their products, including the Ultra Repair Cream, are dermatologically tested and free of harmful ingredients that can affect pregnancy or embryo health.

Do you want to know more about this skin fix moisturizer? Read on.

Why Is First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Safe For You During Pregnancy?

Who does not want to look fabulous? And that’s essentially what First Aid Beauty is. It’s FAB! I will get into the details of this First Aid Beauty moisturizer shortly. But as promised, let’s begin the discussion with why it’s safe during pregnancy.

I have talked with a lot of moms who have recently used this moisturizing cream during their pregnancy. All of them have delivered healthy babies, and all of them have agreed that this cream can really alleviate intense skin irritation.

However, all the moms are not sure if it actually helps in removing stretch marks or not. Nevertheless, let’s find the reasons why this cream works and is safe during pregnancy.

Why Is First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Safe For You During Pregnancy?

It’s Meant For Sensitive Skin

The hormonal roller coaster inside your body can make your skin sensitive during pregnancy. This First Aid Beauty Moisturizer, like all other products from this brand, has ingredients that respect the overall health and nourishment of your skin.

This cream also works with different skin compositions and textures. Devoid of harmful or toxic ingredients, it suits sensitive skin and all other skin types. So, you have a pregnancy-safe moisturizing solution in the form of this cream.

It’s Meant For Sensitive Skin

Use Of Safe Ingredients

First Aid Beauty has blacklisted more than 1300 ingredients, including Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, and Oxybenzone, which are very harmful in pregnancy. So, as the moisturizing cream will not have these harmful ingredients, you can use it without worries during pregnancy.

The cream also does not contain any artificial fragrance or coloring ingredient.

Use Of Safe Ingredients

Dermatologically Tested

All the First Aid Beauty products, including this Ultra Repair Cream, are dermatologically tested by independent dermatologists. So, there is a solid backing of clinical tests and results.

These clinically proven results determine the safety of this cream and eliminate the risks of major side effects or skin damage.

No Use Of Artificial Fragrance

The fragrances used in this cream are naturally sourced. So, it does not have artificial fragrance, and this is very important as a pregnant woman can be sensitive to many smells. Overall, this cream promises a pleasant olfactory experience in pregnancy or otherwise.

No Use Of Artificial Fragrance

Why I Love First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream?

Even if you don’t want to get into many technicalities, you will love this cream instantly when its thick formula glides smoothly on your skin. There are some more specific reasons why I love this First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.

  • Quick relief from the skin irritation you are suffering from
  • Works on dry or irritating skin and alleviates discomforts caused by eczema and dermatitis
  • It suits all skin types
  • Imparts smoothness and hydration to the skin
  • Nano-free
  • Free of gluten and nut, minimizing risks of skin irritations

What Are The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Ingredients?

This hydrating cream is enriched with the right balance of chemical and natural ingredients. And as already mentioned, it does not contain toxic elements, artificial color, or aroma. See the table below to know the elements and their functions.

Name Of The Ingredient(s)Functions
Colloidal oatmeal and allantoinSoothing and moisturizing
Eucalyptus oilMoisturizing and fighting acne
SqualaneShea butterCeramide 3Caprylyl glycolCetearyl alcoholGlyceryl stearateGlyceryl stearate SETriglycerideC12-15 Alkyl Benzoate Glycerin And dimethiconeSmoothening the skin
Licorice root extractFighting Inflammation
Green tea extractFighting free radical damage
PhenoxyethanolPreservation of the formula
Sodium hydroxideMaintaining the pH balance of the product
Xanthan gumMakes the formula thick and ensures stability in the emulsion
Disodium EDTAEnsures the stability of the formula
Chrysanthemum partheniumFights inflammation
Purified and deionized waterThe prime solvent of the product
Stearic acidEmulsion, thickening, and emulsion stabilization
What Are The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Ingredients?

What Is The Price Of Ultra Repair Cream From First Aid Beauty?

The price of First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream will depend on the pack you are buying.

  • 2 Oz pack: $18.00
  • 6 Oz pack: $38.00
  • 8 Oz Pack: $48.00
  • 14 Oz Pack: $70.00

Some Other Exciting Beauty Products From First Aid Beauty

Along with this hydrating cream, there are also some exciting products from First Aid Beauty. I especially love the First Aid Beauty Eye Cream that helps to keep signs of aging at bay.

You can even try the First Aid Beauty Cleanser, as it’s gentle and suits all skin types. It effectively eliminates dirt, sebum, and traces of makeup from your skin.

What Is the Price Of Ultra Repair Cream From First Aid Beauty?

Final Words

Your skin will change during pregnancy. It will become more sensitive, and encounters with itchiness or other discomforts will occur. The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is a safe choice to use during pregnancy, imparting a soothing and smooth effect almost instantly.

Further, if you have got your skin branded, it can become dry and itchy. This hydrating cream offers you skin comfort in these situations also. The other skin problems it can combat are eczema and dermatitis.

So, if you are pregnant and looking for a solution to smoothen and soothe your skin, you can try this cream. And don’t forget to share your experience with the cream.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is First Aid Beauty Repair Cream Acne Safe?

First Aid Beauty Repair Cream is most suitable for sensitive and dry skin as it is rich in multiple emollient ingredients. Yes, it has eucalyptus oil to fight acne, but this brand’s Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel is a better choice if you have acne-prone skin.

Can I Use Ultra Repair Cream Every Day?

Yes, you can use the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream every day. You can apply the cream twice or thrice a day for the best results.

Is First Aid Beauty Repair Cream Non-Comedogenic?

Yes, First Aid Beauty Repair Cream is non-comedogenic. So, you will never have to fear about your pores getting clogged with this cream. However, since its formula is very thick, it’s better to avoid it if you have very oily or acne-prone skin.

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